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Private group classes are wonderful for private parties, ladies night, corporate wellness events, bacherlotte parties, groups of friends or family.  Explore yoga for all levels, shapes and sizes.  We will be working in a non-competitve environment so that this practice will be fun and relaxing.  Learn how to listen to your body and connect with your inner strength whle exploring how to accept yourself exactly the way you are.  This could be an opportunity for weekly family or corporate bonding or even improving relationships through the exploration of yoga.  You can create a themed class if you'd like for more added fun.  Enjoy Vinyasa, Restorative or Yin Yoga Classes at the LEVEL of your choice.


Group Class: $120.00 for a 60 minute session | $70.00 for a 30 minute session

*The above prices are based on 3 to 30 students.  Groups over 30 might require an additional charge.  


Additional charges will be applied for events outside of the Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada area.  Please call to inquire.

Contact Katricia for more information: 702-706-1176 |



While our group yoga classes are intimate and specialized to provide a comfortable body awareness environment, we understand the need for private sessions as well.  Yoga Kandy offers private one on one and private group classes.  Katricia and her staff has experience working privately with clients from a wide variety of different backgrounds.  They will address your needs and assist in achieving your specific goals and personal transformations.  We help everyone become more comfortable with their bodies by offering yoga classes in a non-judgemental environment.

COST: $80.00 per person (1 to 2 students)


Are you craving a daily yoga practice?  Have you taken yoga before and know that it's good for you, but just can't seem to stick with it consistently? Are you busy and have trouble making it to the studio or just can't seem to work the group class schedule into your schedule? The Let's Get Started Package is for you! We'll set up a consistent weekly schedule to meet and develop customized practices for you to incorporate into your daily life.  We'll work on building healthy habits and explore the world of yoga.  If you're ready to shift and transform for the better,  you'll love the work we do together.

This Package is for you if:

  • You are a beginner or intermediate level student and want to start a practice with exclusive attention.
  • You want to learn proper alignment and have one on one assistance.

Your Let's Get Started Package Will Include:

  • 6 private yoga sessions (1 on 1)
  • Essential oil customized blend
  • Herbal tea blend
  • 1 handcrafted eye pillow
  • Yoga Kandy's bi-weekly newsletter
  • Weekly OmWork
  • Self care checklist
  • Email and/or telephone support

COST: $420.00 Per Person | 6 Sessions @ 1 Hour Each for Up to 6 Weeks.  Note: package will expire 3 months after purchase. 


If you are looking for something ongoing with a personalized touch then this package will work for you.  Beginner or intermediate level friendly, enjoying 2 sessions a week. You will enjoy the same benefits as the 6 class package, but with a few extra sessions included. 

Your Yogi Bliss Package Will Include:

  • 10 Private Yoga Sessions (1 on 1)
  • Herbal tea blend
  • 1 handcrafted eye pillow
  • 1 crystal
  • Yoga Kandy's bi-weekly newsletter
  • Weekly OmWork
  • Self care checklist
  • Email and/or telephone support

COST: $650.00 Per Person | 10 Sessions @ 1 Hour Each for Up to 8 Weeks. 

Note: Sessions will expire 3 months after purchase.


***Additional Packages are available upon request.  Please contact Katricia for more information or to book a session: 702-706-1176 |



Benefits of Reiki?

  • Promotes and accelerates the body's own natural ability to heal
  • Strengthens the immune system allowing it to better deal wih daily stress.
  • Calms and balances the emotions, cultivating feelings of contenment, peace and love.
  • Aids in deep, restful sleep. One hour of Reiki equals three hours of deep sleep.
  • Improves memory, decision making and the ability to concentrate.

Private Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions are ideally held in a quiet and comfortable setting or in your own home.  While lying fully-clothed on a padded massage table, the client's experience is enhanced by soft music and low lighting.  

The hands hover over the centers of energy known as chakras.  Often the practitioner's hands or a few inches above the client, assessing the energy field surrounding the body.  It's not uncommon for warmth, tingling and/or movement to be experienced during a session as the client draws what is needed.

After or during the session the client might experience a decrease in pain, less stress and relaxed.  In fact, many clients fall asleep during a treatment.  While many benefits appear right away, the positive shift in energy refreshes and rebalances our body and may be experienced for days or even weeks afterwards.


1 Hour Group Session (3 to 10 students) $95.00 

1 Hour Session (1 on 1) $70.00

30 Minute Session (1 on 1) $55.00

*Three (3) - 1 Hour Sessions (1 on 1): $195.00

Please contact Katricia for more information: 702-706-1176 |


  • Prepayment by credit card is required to book all services/sessions for yoga and/or reiki.  
  • To avoid cancellation charges, a 24 hour notice to cancel is needed.  Late cancellations (under 24 hours) and no shows are charged 50% of the cost of service.
  • Yoga and Reiki packages expire 3 months from the date of purchase

Contact us for more information: 

702-706-1176 |